Thursday, April 23, 2009

Return of AVG's LinkScanner

When AVG Technologies slurped up Exploit Prevention Labs, it rolled the standalone LinkScanner security app into its popular antivirus offerings. While the newfound ability to rate search results and live Web pages for safety ratings lent AVG products some extra relevancy and clout, not everyone wants to download a full-blown security app just to get a warning or go-ahead to search a Web site.

Thankfully, AVG Technologies has seen the error of its bundling-only ways, and has rereleased LinkScanner as a free, standalone add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer once again. This is particularly sanguine news for those who noted performance bungles when using rival software like McAfee SiteAdvisor (for Firefox and IE).

Those well-versed in the LinkScanner of yore won't see too many changes in the new LinkScanner 8.5. The usual red, yellow, and green flags emerge on Google and Yahoo search results, and on the Web page itself, to tip you off if the page in question might contain harmful or seedy elements.

We're glad to see LinkScanner back on its own, and after you read up on this handy security scout, you might be, too.

Read the hands-on review of Link Scanner

Download LinkScanner 8.5 )

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